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Some useful information before you take a look at the availability list:

Pricing: I have not included prices on the list, pricing will vary by the number of plants ordered.  Custom grow orders will need an amount ( percentage) down at the time of a firm order. This down payment might not be refundable if the order is canceled or abandoned. For your price for the upcoming season (or future season if custom ordered) please contact us by phone or email at wrightfarm@xplornet.ca

There are sometimes two seed sources listed for some plants - SA for Southern Alberta and CA for Central Alberta. Although we have not separated the plants with both sources for this year, in the near future we will be. That will give some clarity to the seed sources. Right now we have some of each if there is a number listed. As time progresses and we get into full production - we are in year three right now - you will see some separation which will make your planning and ordering simpler. For now, please call for details and numbers.

We are also growing in two different methods - plug production and seedbed production. Some of the conifers will be available as bareroot seedlings directly from the seedbeds. These seedlings are only available in the spring. Other plants will be available in plug form. Our current plug is either a styroblock 170ml or a TO plastic 200ml plug. As time passes, we will probably be growing the bulk of our plugs in the 38 X 200 (TO ) plug. These plugs, after two trial years have given us some very robust plants - good root systems, 5" deep root system and a bulk (200ml) that we feel is the best for adaptation to field or project.

Our seedbed produced plants have some advantages as well - the first is the vigor of the seedling as well as the incorporation (native/natural) of mycorrhizae fungi. This is a process that happens without additional magic potions or chemicals. Nature takes care of it own.  Some of the plants from the seedbeds are transplanted into plugs in the spring - this give us a mobile plant - ready for shipping by the end of summer for early fall plantings.